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Recently, I shared something sensitive with a friend. It wasn’t easy for me to share, but as I listened to her talking about a emotional topic in her life, I felt compelled to share. I expected it would help her not feel alone and comfort her. Her response was not what I expected and left me a bit upset. Continue Reading

Letting Go

Last night I had a dream that I was fighting a small crocodile. I vividly remember using my hands to close his mouth so I didn’t get bit. I took the crocodile with me wherever I went, determined to “keep him in check.” At one point I was driving my car while struggling to keep… Continue Reading

Affirmations: What you need to know to make them work.

If you’ve never used affirmation or maybe thought they were a little “woo woo” for you, please keep reading! I’ll start out by stating the obvious: Affirmations ALONE will not magically make all your wildest dreams come true. Instead, affirmations work by retraining your brain and beliefs. This is where real, lasting change can occur. Continue Reading

Goal Setting: The right way to set your goals

This weekend, my husband and I set new and exciting goals together. I love setting goals, but most importantly, I LOVE achieving my goals. There is nothing more satisfying than realizing that you can do almost anything you put your mind to. You are way more powerful that you can even imagine. Today, I’m going… Continue Reading

Be thankful for YOU! Vlog

This week is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. While you are sitting down with family and friends enjoying turkey and other yummy foods (I’m a pumpkin pie lover), and it’s your turn to say what you are thankful for this year, totally surprise everyone by being thankful for yourself! Seriously, try it. In  today’s… Continue Reading