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Whether you’re an avid journaler, aspiring professional writer, or simply a self-aware chica who wants to live the best life you can, communicating – with others and yourself – isn’t always easy. You’ve likely been frustrated more than once trying to find the right words to say what you mean or express what you’re feeling. You probably even procrastinated finishing (or even starting) a writing project or moving forward with a cool idea.

I get it.

As a former international student in Brazil and lifelong writer, I understand how hard it can be to always write and speak what’s on your mind, whether it’s in your native tongue or a second or third language.

After professionally writing and editing for nearly ten years and realizing the world truly needs each of us to shine our unique light, it’s my mission to help internationally-minded women feel confident expressing their ideas, sharing their stories, and positively impacting others.

I genuinely love helping people connect with themselves and others, feel better about their path, and grow – both professionally and personally – in the process.

My big message? You and every other person on this planet have a unique purpose and message to share, and by doing so, you can truly make a difference in the world. I believe the world will be a more peaceful place when barriers are removed and we all appreciate and value the beauty in diversity.

1. I’ve always loved meeting people from all cultures and backgrounds. In fact, I earned a bachelor’s degree in international business and a master’s degree in international relations. I also studied abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2. While I’m creative, I’m also super analytical (which, of course, is part of what makes me totally understand the destructive nature of our inner critic – but is also essential for my work as an editor!).

3. I turned down a “dream job” to take a non-paying internship at a non-profit, which is where my official writing career began writing grant proposals, which led to a paid position at another nonprofit.

4.  I wrote and self published my first book in 2013. YAY! Well, sort of. I learned so much about breaking through mental barriers and actual publishing a book, but it was the wrong book for me to write. Now it’s time for book #2 that’s more aligned with my purpose and goals. (P.S. You HAVE to keep creating no matter what!)

5. I’m obsessed with the following in no particular order: Reading, meeting friends for a walk on the beach, having deep conversations, working out, eating, cooking and experimenting with healthy foods, enjoying a glass (or three) of wine, watching Brazilian novelas, journaling, studying Portuguese and hugging. YES. Hugging.

6. I love learning and I love variety! That’s one reason I especially enjoy working with internationally-minded women: I’m learning about new people, places, ideas, cultures, and beliefs all the time.

7. I completed a yoga for cancer survivor course inspired by my Dad’s cancer journey, and I’m half way through a 200-hour yoga training that I may (or may not) complete some day.

8. After living in San Diego, CA for over 3 years, I followed my gut, quit my job, and moved to Brazil for 2 years with my boyfriend (now husband). After I convinced him to go with me (I was prepared to go alone), we sold everything we owned for the move, except five suitcases and two carry-ons (one of which had our cat inside).

9. My two three loves are my Brazilian husband, our son, and our white Persian cat, Rupert. We like to call him our traveling kitty.


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